Machines for grassland care / aftersowing and underseeding machinery


The SBA PNEUMATICSTAR can be efficiently used for the following applications:

Sowing of clover or clover/grass into grain

After one or two combing passes, the oversowing of clover is possible in the 3 to 4 leaf stage. During the autumn and winter, before ploughing for the summer grain, a successful establishment of clover in grain can contribute as much as 100 kg of nitrogen.. Green fields following grain harvests are considered very beneficial ecologically due to the good nitrogen balance they provide.

Sowing grass in maize

After a round of hoeing with the plants at a height of 20 – 30 cm, oversowing grass can begin. From an efficient oversowing in maize you can expect a number of advantages:

  • - Better carrying capacity of the soil during the harvest and during fertilising
  • - Suppression of any germinating weeds
  • - Bonding of nitrogen in autumn – after the maize harvest it provides a sensible way of utilizing manure
  • - Improvement of the soil fertility
  • - Lower amount of herbicides necessary
  • - Seeding of intercrops, after stubble turning

The SBA GRASS-MANAGER with or without TOOL CARRIER can be efficiently used for following applications:

Care of pasture and grassland

The Einböck grassland weeder GRASS-MANAGER is working the grassland with spring tines and loosens the turf. Weeds, who have the roots in the upper layer of the soil are rooted out. High molehills can be flattened by the front or rear mounted TOOL-CARRIER very efficiently. High productivity with low horsepower requirement are other advantages of the GRASS-MANAGER with or without TOOL-CARRIER.

Aftersowing and underseeding machine PNEUMATICSTAR

2.00 m – 12.00 m

The SBA PNEUMATICSTAR is an optimal machine for sowing-in, suEinböck PNEUMATICSTARbsequent sowing and sowing-under. The basis for the PNEUMATICSTAR isthe tined weeder “Grass Manager”, on which the pneumatic seeder PNEUMATICBOX is mounted. The 6-row tine weeder sections, equipped with 7/490 tines, prepare the soil surface and create a good condition for the germination of the pneumatically brought-out seeds.

More information on tine weeder sections you can find under ”Grass Manager



For operation in grassland spring-loaded front levelling plates as well as 8 mm tines are offered. This way cow pats, manure, dung and mole hills can be rubbed in optimally. A good aeration of the turf is guaranteed.

The seed tank has a standard capacity of 300 litres. A stirring shaft prevents the de-mixing as well as the creation of bridges in the tank. The flexible drive shaft flanged to the rubger support wheel or taii wheel transfers the powe to an infinitely variable oil-immersed gearbox, which in turn powers the seeding roller and the stirring shaft by a chain machine. The seeding roller distributes the seeds into the eight divided and separated outlets. From there it is conveyed pneumatically via the PVC seed hoses to the deflector plates from where it is exactly spread over the entire working width. The decision, which blower to be used depends on the working width and the type of seeds which to be drilled. Specially formed deflector plates guarantee an exact seed distribution even in windy conditions.

Machine for the maintenance, reseeding and distribution of undersown crops – PNEUMATICSTAR-PRO

Einböck PNEUMATICSTAR PRO3.00 m, 6.00 m + 12.00 m

For maintenance, reseeding or distribution of undersown crops, the Pneumaticstar-PRO is the ideal machine. The Pneumaticstar-PRO is the further development of the popular and tested Pneumaticstar. This machine has been specially designed for contractors, communities, big companies and for farms which have to work uneven pasture with large molehills. It can work even more aggressively, important when fighting rough stalked meadow grass or de-thatching. Many tines work and aerate the turf better and support tillering. Thinner tines, like the ones with 8 mm, enter mats better when they are adjusted on “hold”. Valuable, deeper rooted grasses are not harmed.

einboeck pstarpro PB11875Einböck PNEUMATICSTAR PROeinboeck pstarpro PB11826einboeck pstarpro PB11864einboeck pstarpro PB5448einboeck pstarpro PB11838einboeck pstarpro PB11857einboeck pstarpro PB5556einboeck pstarpro PB5567

PNEUMATICSTAR-PRO 3.00 m + 6.00 m

The new PNEUMATICSTAR-PRO is equipped with a heavy levelling board which flatten molehills before the support wheels pass. It is adjusted on “hold”, which lifts the soil and spreads it loose in the turf. Pores in the soil are not smeared up! Adjustable springs protect the levelling plates from overload.
The 6-row weeder section carries 60 tines on 1.5 m working width, this gives a line distance of 2.5 cm. The tine aggressiveness can be adjusted by a central lever per section in 5 positions. The weeder sections are parallel guided and are equipped with hydraulic level control and pressure control. Therefore they follow the surface ot the turf very precisely. This ensures an even working of the soil over the full working width even in difficult conditions. Thanks to the hydraulic level-control, the machine does not rock or vibrate.
Depending on usage and soil conditions the PNEUMATICSTAR-PRO can be equipped with various tines (8 or 10 mm).
The seed tank has a standard capacity of 300 litres (500 litres are optional available). A stirring shaft prevents the de-mixing as well as the creation of bridges in the tank. The flexible drive shaft, connected to the rubber support wheel drives the stepless gearbox, which runs the seeding roller and the stirring shaft via a chain. Subsequently the seeding shaft brings the seeds in the air canal, where it is, depending on the size of the machine with help of the air flow of an electrical, PTO driven or hydraulically driven fan through plastic hoses, brought to the distribution plates. The decision, which blower to be used depends on the working width and the type of seeds which to be drilled. Specially formed deflector plates guarantee an exact seed distribution even in windy conditions.


With 12 m working width, the PNEUMATICSTAR-PRO 1200 presents a quantum leap in terms of productivity, efficiency and flexibility. The machine combines the known technical features of the mounted version with a solid chassis.
Due to the very movable frame, the machine ideally fits the contour of the grassland, despite the large working width.


Machine for grassland care GRASS-MANAGER

Einböck GRASS-MANAGER1.50 m – 12.00 m

After winter, when molehills and other damaged to the sward surface appear the grassland needs to be revitalised. The drag-devices traditionally used in spring are a thing of the past and only work the surface. This increases the chances of molehills and other bare spots being compressed. The Einböck “GRASS MANAGER” works the grassland with springtines and aerates the turf. On Grassland an agressive, turf- and soil scratching work to stimulate the grass tillering is desirable.Weeds like moss or panicle are eliminated and important grasses and herbs get more light and space to grow. High productivity in combination with low power consumption emphasize the usage of the grass manager.

einboeck gm PB5686einboeck gm PB5691einboeck gm PB5716einboeck gm PO2814einboeck gm PA4604einboeck gm PB5708einboeck gm PB5696


The weeder sections, which are mounted pendular, can easily copy the relief of the surface. The aggressiveness of the spring tines can be adjusted with a central lever per section. The tine-tube is torsion-resistant and guarantees the same tine position over the entire frame length so that the tine aggressiveness will remain constant. Especially in tough soil conditions this is extremely important.
The stabilisation of the tine is provided by the exact guidance of the plastic holder. The tines will always face exactly the driving direction, thus also significantly increases the vibration effect. The holders will not let the tines become twisted or loose. The spring coils of the tine start below the tine holders. This is why the tines can vibrate better and why each of the their movements comes from the spring.

Machine for grassland care GRASS-MANAGER-PRO

GM PRO 011.50 m – 12.00 m

The GRASS-MANAGER-PRO is the robust version of the GRASS-MANAGER. It was especially designed for contractors, machinery associations, large scale farms and for farms with uneven grassland with many moelhills.Every section is mounted on a parallelogram. One hydraulic cylinder per section ensures a perfect adaption to uneven ground and an optimal pressure compensation of the sections. The pressure can easily be adjusted from the tractor. A heavy triangular front levelling plate in front of the support wheels evens the mole hills.


Front mount

For the PRO-series there is a front mounting frame available. Whith this frame an existing rear mounted machine can easily be converted into a front mounted machine. When front mounted, steerable support wheels instead of fixed ones are standard.

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