Minimum Tillage

Minimum Tillage
Cost reduction for tillage operations is one of the main targets at the moment and there are many ways to achieve it. SBA has plenty of machines for you to achieve this objective. Already after the pre-crop harvest, the result of the succeeding field cultivation is determined. Stubble turning after the harvest should utilize the leftover humidity of the soil and therefore provide the seed advancement of weed seeds and lost crop. No matter if, a conventional soil cultivation with a plough or a non-turning cultivation follows.
The machines offered by SBA, like MULITSOILER, HURRICANE, TWISTER and TAIFUN can be used for many other operations, too. They are extremely compact and maneuverable what makes them suitable for working on small and large farms, independently from field-sizes.

Universal Cultivator HURRICANE

2.60 m – 4.60 m

The Hurricane is suitable for shallow stubble cultivation directly after harvesting aneinboeck-HURRICANE-PB12798d threshing, for deep soil cultivation to break dense soil horizons, for intense preparation of seedbeds and for mixing and spreading of fertilizer and harvest residues (organic mass). No matter if followed by a conventional soil tillage with a plow or a non-turning tillage. The HURRICANE is a very compact and flexible universal cultivator that can effectively be used on small and large fields. The optimal working speed to get the best mix result  is 8 – 12 km/h. Avoiding soil evaporation after harvesting is one of the most important tillage measure.





At a shallow stubble cultivation it is necessary to work deeper from time to time to avoid a compaction horizon at shallow depths. The low tine spacing effects a perfect tillage and a good mixing with more tines. Because of the special shape of the tines the HURRICANE is very easy to drag with low resistance.For extreme stony soils we offer the HURRICANE with spring tines. New wing shares – shallow, deep, always intensive

With an easy and fast  assembly of additional wing shares to the standard dual-heart point the HURRICANE works effectively in shallow depths of only 6 cm. For stubble cultivation it is important to create the ideal conditions for the germination of weeds and volunteer grains. They must not be layed too deep, so they can germinate as fast as possible.

Universal Mulch-Till Cultivator MULTISOILER

einboeck-MULTISOILER-PB124615.00 m + 6.00 m

The universal mulch-till cultivator MULTISOILER is designed for medium and large fields and it combines versatility, efficiency and solid construction. The trailed cultivator fills up the gap between the Einböck TAIFUN und HURRICANE and it is suitable for all different types of soil. It is used for shallow stubble turning, as well as for a deeper cultivation, mixing of organic material and also for seedbed preparation.

einboeck-MULTISOILER-PB11668einboeck-MULTISOILER-PB12426einboeck_multisoiler_IVeinboeck-MULTISOILER-PB11596einboeck multisoiler VIeinboeck-MULTISOILER-PB12445einboeck-MULTISOILER-PB12441einboeck_multisoiler_IXeinboeck_multisoiler_X


Many different fields of application
• To make lost crop germinate
• Transport of root weeds to the surface in order to dry out
• Excellent mixing of straw, organic material and soil
• Full slicing effect and intensive mixing
• Seedbed preparation ? conventional tillage as well as conservation tillage

The machine is equipped with very strong ?Kronos?-tines made of 90×13 high-tensile spring steel (track height 580 mm). The tines are partitioned on 6 beams with a line spacing of 160 mm. This ensures, in combination with the standard mounted 200 mm duckfoot-shares an entire slicing of the full surface also in small operating depth.
Because of the spacious frame with 6 beams there are very little problems with clogging in spite of the narrow line spacing even when there is a big amount of harvest residues.
The toothed leveling discs (optional plain discs) do a great job in leveling.

A further leveling and re-consolidation is done by the standard equipped ring packer roller RP58. This roller effects, because of the ø 580 mm wedge ring, a wedge-shaped re-consolidation and an optimal crumbling. Spring scrapers between the rings help to avoid blockage. The single-row weeder tines following the rear roller are adjustable in height and angle. They poor out weeds, clean their roots from soil and level the surface. In very damp conditions it is also possible to work without the roller, only with the weeder-tines.

The working depth is adjusted via the rear roller and via the support wheels on the side wings through a half-hole matrix. The integrated tandem chassis with vibration dampers ensures a compact construction and a high maneuverability. A drawbar adjustable in the length is a great advantage when using different types of tractors. Our suitable inter-crop seeders can be found under “seeding technology“.

Universal fine Cultivator TAIFUN

2.50 m – 7.00 m

For effective operation on small or large areas, the Einböck universal fine einboeck taifun PB13863cultivator TAIFUN is a multi-purpose, all-round machine. The TAIFUN is a classic machine for seed bed preparation due to its high and spacious frame construction – especially for areas with winter greening. The working-in of liquid manure and stable dung as well as light stubble cultivation or second stubble cultivation and the combat of couch grass are no problem for the TAIFUN at all. No other soil cultivation machine except the Einböck short disc harrow TWISTER can be used as universal as the TAIFUN.

einboeck taifun PB9074einboeck taifun PB12683einboeck taifun PB10568einboeck taifun PB10329einboeck taifun PB12673einboeck taifun PB12709einboeck taifun PB7010einboeck taifun PB12702einboeck taifun PB7038


Equipment characteristics such as a large frame pass line height with optimally tuned line spacing as well as double drag tines between the different trailing rollers and the last tine row guarantee the operation possibilities as mentioned above. The strong large spring tine made from high quality spring steel (50 x 13), distributed on 4 beams, is designed for long product life. The 2-piece frame, hydraulically foldable and lockable, can be retro-fitted with a chassis at any time. Then the machine can work in combination with a drill machine.The rear rollers are height-adjustable by a half hole raster. In order to reach a souverain soil cultivation, single spring mounted double-drag tines are mounted between the last tine row and the rear roller, guaranteeing exact levelling. A front levelling plate (on request) completes the various configuration possibilities of the TAIFUN.

Our mountable inter-crop seeders can be found under “seeding technology”.

Short Disc Harrow TWISTER

einboeck twister PB01502.50 m – 8.00 m

Already the pre-crop harvest paves the way for a successful subsequent tillage. The turning of stubble after harvest should utilize the left-over humidity of the soil and therefore provide the seed advancement of weed seeds and lost crop. No matter if conventional soil cultivation is done with a harrow or non-turning operation.

Einböck TWISTEReinboeck twister PB7129Einböck TWISTER
einboeck twister PB4101einboeck twister PB4109einboeck twister PB7103


The TWISTER is an extremely compact and versatile universal machine. The TWISTER therefore is suitable for working on small and large farms, independently from field-sizes. With an optimal operation speed of 10-16 km/h the best mix and the desired working pattern can be reached. An impressive daily performance and a reduction of the operation processes will astonish you.
The Einböck TWISTER works most effectively in a working depth of 4-10 cm. After operation the soil surface is smooth and reconsolidated: nevertheless the right choice of the trailing tool is important. Einböck offers various trailing rolls, which cover the total spectrum of perfectly work under the different soil conditions. No matter if cylinder shaped or torpedo roll, 1-row Nova disc, Ringpacker or Trapezium – Farmflex roll, every roll has its strengths in its operation segment.
The rubber suspension of the disc arms absorbs shocks and safeguards the discs and frames from damage. The slightly angled, concave and serrated-edge discs with a diameter of 530 mm cut very aggressively into the soil for a proper mixture of straw, soil and residue. The staggered arrangement of the discs with 2 beams in direction of motion for a 100% worked through surface.
The Einböck TWISTER deserves its name as year-round machine since it offers optimal seed bed preparation, especially for winter-greened areas. The especially developed leveling blade between the discs and the trailing appliance contributes to this.
The setting of the working depth is done with the parallelogram-driven trailing roll in the punched notch, to which the leveling plate is coupled. Additionally the leveling plate for fine settings is height adjustable. For the 3-point-linkage Einböck offers the TWISTER in 2.5, 3, 4, 5 and 6 m working width.

Skim plough OVLAC Mini

This machine is available only in Austria and Germany!

Einböck OVLACEinböck OVLACEinböck OVLAC
Einböck OVLACEinböck OVLACEinböck OVLAC

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